Pelican Bay Florida Condos – Ways To Locate Affordable Ones

Are you a retiree looking for a warm place to live, one that is in a nice area? If you have recently retired from a company where you have a sizable pension, or if you have investments that you would like to redirect into real estate, Pelican Bay in Florida is a great place to start. Located in northwestern Collier County, adjacent to Naples, this is a pristine area filled with some of the most expensive homes on the Eastern coast of the United States. Although it is very small, this may be exactly what you are looking for, as either an investment or a place to retire. Here is a little bit of information about why you should invest in Pelican Bay Florida condos, a great investment that will appreciate very quickly.

Purchasing Condos In Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay only has about 6000 people, individuals that are quite wealthy. The median income is about $130,000 for each family, and this is necessary because of the million-dollar homes that are purchased and sold in the area. This is a real estate agents dream in terms of making commissions because of the incredible prices that people will pay for these homes and even Pelican Bay condos for sale. In fact, condominiums may be overpriced in comparison to the rest of the country, but in comparison to the homes in Pelican Bay, they are quite a bargain.

How To Secure Great Deals On Condos

If you want to get the best deal that is available, you should know that they are not always there for you to purchase. You need to be patient, and get your name out to all of the real estate offices. Once properties are listed with a real estate company, and they are available on the MLS listings, you will likely have many competitors that are trying to secure the same condominium. If you can form a relationship with a couple of the real estate agents, they will likely give you a call the moment they are on the market. This will give you the first shot of submitting your offer to the buyer, and if you are lucky, you could end up with a very affordable Pelican Bay condominium.

Why This Is A Good Investment

Even if you are only purchasing the condominium as an investment, and not because you are going to retire anytime soon, it’s going to appreciate invite you so much, just like all of the other properties that are in the same general area, and part of that reason is their proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. If it is possible, try to secure a beachfront condominium that you can invest in, and if you hold onto it for long enough, it could actually act as your retirement fund.

For those that are seriously considering moving to the Pelican Bay area, definitely get your name and number out to realtors as soon as possible. The sooner that they have this information, and if you are able to afford properties that are six or seven figures, this is a great place to live as a retiree, and a wonderful choice in terms of investing in very valuable real estate.